Wild Weeeds is the manifestation of four mutant rock n’ rollers that grew out of the ponds, lakes and streams of Columbia County, NY. Wild Weeeds play “Garage Rock” like the Seeds, the Standells and the early Stones but mix in New Wave, Copake surf music and their own unique warped energy. Joe Weeed plays guitar like blues rockers from the Summer of Love, Scott Weeed lays down slithering smiling bass lines, Marc Weeed is the lake child of Keith Moon, and Moss Weeed is a rockabilly Lou Reeed. Together they are certainly wild..... The Wild Weeeds!!!

NEW DECADE, New Weeeds 

WW head into the new decade with a bunch of new material!

Our fangs are twitching to record so we've lined up an evening with our old friend Ian McGuire (Burt Murder) to record at TRIANGLE HOUSE STUDIO. This will be the beginning of our new project tentatively titled, AFTER THE FARMERS.

Also in the works for early February is a live audio/ video recording at our friend Alex P. Wernquest's studio, Basement Floods. Considering its proximity to the Cairo/ Leeds NY town line, that project is tentatively titled LIVE AT LEEEDS. Should be a hoot!

In the meantime, there is also talk of printing up copies of our last EP, Grass Planet Holiday but does anyone even own a CD player anymore?

New 3 Song EP "Grass Planet Holiday" available NOW 

WW are psyched to announce their third release of 2019, a three song EP called “Grass Planet Holiday”.

Recorded in Millerton NY at Triangle House Studio by Ian Mcguire, these three tunes showcase the Wild Weeeds’ undeniable energy  and commitment to growing their unique sound.

“Grow” finds the Wild Weeeds shaking off the pain and climbing a R&R beanstalk into the sky. A climb that continues well after the songs cathartic end.

“The Wave” is this winter's Copake Lake surf anthem.

And “Wash My Heart” is a hard rock statement on the welcome, yet hard found, independence that comes after facing a bitter rejection.

Grass Planet Holiday” is a fast trip into the weird world of the Weeeds: Fun and sad, light and dark, always exuberant and always growing.

Check it out here. or go to our Bandcamp page to hear it and other WW releases!


Marky Marc Weeed is 50.  

Thanks God he is only turning 50 once. Too much fun. Love the Barn in Egremont MA.


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Previous events

Eclectic Rock Showcase brings the hottest up-and-coming regional artists to Helsinki Hudson. This version, Eclectic Rock Showcase #4 , will astound and delight with energy and fun. Brasskill plays like a mutant marching band, The Wild Weeeds have become local garage/surf legends, and Burt Murder will entertain with a joyful, horror pop rock theater!

Brasskill is the Hudson Valley's new party brass band. Based in Hudson, NY and founded in the Spring of 2018, Brasskill's membership covers a wide geographic area -- from Rosendale in the south, all the way up to Chatham in the north. Bringing funky decibels to parties, parades and other merry gatherings in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas, Brasskill's music ranges from New Orleans second line tunes to punk and pop covers and is guaranteed to get your party out on the dance floor.

Wild Weeeds are the manifestation of mutant rock ‘n’ roll that grew out of the ponds, lakes and streams of Columbia County, NY. Wild Weeeds play “Garage Rock” like the Seeds and the early Stones but mix in New Wave, Copake surf music and their own unique potent energy. They’ve completed a full-length album called “Let It Bleeed” and two EPs “Sunset Rock” and recently “Grass Planet Holiday”.

Completing this hell of a show...is Hudson Valley's own oddball-drag-rock-collective BURT MURDER . Like the Rolling Stones at Altamont, BURT MURDER owns the genre "Disaster Rock" with deadly regional hits such as; Non Stop Party Machine, I Want to Kill You, Ripped My D*ck Off, Fill Me with Honey, DO The Cucumber, and Boo It's Halloween! If you love Beck or Ween...do not miss this massively talented band that also has gender wardrobe issues.


The Wild Weeeds

Avalon Lounge, Catskill NY

Copake Surf Club presents: "Not So Silent Night" a holiday Rock and Roll spectacular to benefit the Catskill Community Center. Featuring the Wild Weeeds, Darien Rectangle (nyc), Brian Kantor's Holiday All Stars, Donny Dinero (mail the horse) and Will Lawrence (the felice bros.)